Type as Brush

Each letter in each font has unique shape and characteristics. This typographic design work is a series of work from step 1 to the step 5. I picked up three different letter in different font: lower case y in Garamond; upper case letter Q in Century and capital letter A in Baskerville. In this step, I wanted to use these three letters as the paintbrush to create a balance negative space by connecting each other. Then in the step 2, I added three short words and cross them with the three letters, which created another kinds of the spaces. In step 3, I added a paragraph and added it to the letters and words. In step 4, I added combined different textures to the spaces that shaped by paragraph, words and letters. In the final step, I combined one Guitar as a object with the texture, paragraph, words and letter, which created some completely pictures. In this project, I wan to show that each element: letter, word, paragraph, texture and object could be regarded as paintbrushes functionally rather than shapes themselves. Also, I want to show the significance of corporation of each different kind of element and how they create negative spaces.

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